Tami Curtis Ellis presents 

Art By The Foot

While trying to find some humor in the seemingly insane state of our economy, my husband, Steve, and I said we may have to sell our art “by the pound” which led me to say, “Or by the foot”. As I started playing with the idea, I heard Psalms 119:105 (“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”) in a song. That was the beginning of 

“Art by the Foot”.

Some of the designs incorporate encouraging sayings with whimsical hand (and foot) painted designs.  Other designs are created by using four to two hand cut stencils that are used to align paint and build up an image.  The last three to five colors are applied with a brush making each piece unique.  These techniques allow “Art by the Foot” to offer a price friendly piece of original art that won’t break the bank or require a bail out from the government to acquire! It is also a reminder to focus on the positive while together we take on the task of getting us and our great U. S. of A. back on stable ground with steady, and hopefully a little more humble, feet!

*Tami *

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